• Paperless Board

    Paperless Board

    No more piles of handouts in 20 copies. With our system, you can synchronize your agendas, minutes and...
  • A different way of working

    A different way of working

    No more problems with large documents delivery. With a package starting at 1 GB and several methods to...
  • Rugged security

    Rugged security

    Our system was designed to share the needs of professionals who need a secure and confidential environment...
  • Easily share your documents

    Easily share your documents

    Sharing your documents has never been easier; simply just click “share” to make a folder or a file...

Secure online file sharing

An easy, secure and high speed sharing for your documents! A solution for professionals, wanting to receive an easy and secure sharing service.

Our Service

Share-my-files.com offers a service for sharing documents responsive to the needs of professionals, organizations and businesses looking for an effective and secure solution.

Our service allows you to save your documents through various transfer methods (via web dav, ftp or rsync) to share them easily with a unique key and during a limited time.

Our primary goal is to provide a service complying with our customers’ security and privacy.

Examples of use

Here’s how you can use it :
  • Securely share documents with your partners;
  • Make an off-site copy of your important documents;
  • Create a temporary folder to allow a provider to send you files;
  • Integrate our transfer terms to your intranet and your processes to benefit from our logging process and our transfer terms.

Who uses the service

  • Manufacturing companies :
    Enabling their overseas partners to quickly access specifications and technical documents
  • Professional offices :
    Make documents available and exchange them with customers
  • Organizations and institutions :
    Offer their employees a secure mechanism for exchanging and sharing documents
  • Desktop publishing field:
    Enables sharing of large multimedia files between designers and their clients
  • Small businesses:
    Online backup of their documents and allows them to remotely access them through mobile devices