You want to grant access to a document to a third party! It’s easy, set a share parameter, it’s scope and validity period. Our system will generate a unique key that will allow secure access to this shared data.

Benefits of our service:

  • Easy and efficient access
  • Secure solution and tailored to the needs of our customers
  • Protection against malware
  • SSL encryption for the transfer methods
  • Enables to set the scope and duration of the shared files
  • Customizable interface for your needs
  • Multilingual (French and English)
  • Users and roles management

Instead of using special software, we encourage the use of standards. You can use our service via the following transfer protocols:

  • Web interface : Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer
  • Webdav (secured): Windows, Linux, Microsoft Office, Open Office, BitKinex, Mac OS X, iPhone*, iPad*
  • FTP / FTP + SSL : Internet Explorer, Filezilla
  • Rsync / Rsync + SSL : rsync, stunnel, cwrsync, deltacopy

*Using a third party WebDAV client as GoodReader.